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Floral Subscription Terms 


Delivery Cancellation or Rescheduling

Your blooms are ordered in advance to ensure availability and freshness, so we require 3 days’ notice to change or cancel your delivery.  With 3 days’ or more notice, your arrangement can be added to the end of your subscription or rescheduled to a different date within the same month (subject to delivery availability to your location.)  Cancellation or reschedule requests within 2 or less days of the scheduled delivery have the following options: gift your arrangement to a home or business within the same service area, make a charitable donation of your arrangement, or forfeit your order. 


Satisfaction Terms and Conditions

We are committed to using only the freshest flowers, properly handling flowers of all times and a 24-hour money back guarantee. While we cannot guarantee specific flowers due to availability and seasonal constraints, we will always consider your preferences when customizing your bouquet. We provide instructions for proper care of your bouquet on our website.

Questions or concerns about the quality of your purchase.  Please email us at any time at


Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping your personal information private.  It will not be shared or sold for any reason.


Corona Virus Statement
Our business will remain open unless otherwise noted.  We will be open for scheduled flower deliveries to homes and businesses and are committed to keeping all of our customers safe by following strict safety guidelines.  Contactless deliveries will be left on doorsteps and customers will be notified with a phone call or text, whichever you prefer.


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